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Sme s Vami od roku 1992

Firma INFOA vznikla v roku 1992 ako knižné nakladateľstvo. Už od svojho vzniku sa zamerala predovšetkým na jazykovednej publikácie. Viac tu »

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Career Paths Accounting - SB+CD+T´s Guide & cross-platform application

Career Paths Accounting - SB+CD+T´s Guide & cross-platform application

Career Paths: Accounting is a new educational resource for accounting professionals who want to improve their English communication skills in a work environment. Reviewed by accounting professionals, the series incorporates career-specific vocabulary and contexts into lessons that built students´ working knowledge of English. Each unit offers step-by-step instruction that immerses students in four language components: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Career Paths: Accounting addresses topics including bookkeeping, financial statements, taxes, career options and office interactions. The series is organized into three levels of difficulty and offers over 400 vocabulary terms and phrases. Every unit includes a test of reading comprehension, vocabulary, and listening skills, and leads students through written and oral production. Included Features: - A variety of realistic reading passages - Career-specific dialogues - 45 reading and listening comprehension checks - Over 400 vocabulary terms and phrases - Guided speaking and writing exercises - Complete glossary of terms and phrases The Teacher´s book contains a full answer key and audio scripts. The audio CDs contain all recorded material in American English and British English. Books 1-3 of Career Paths: Accounting are rated for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages at A1, A2 and B1 respectively. Digibook Express DigiBooks is an innovative and motivational way to educate learners of all ages. Students become more engaged in the educational process through a carefully crafted, gamified learning experience that spans all levels of your school. The platform is designed for use at home, in the language lab or on the move. Through cutting edge technology and gamification, this interactive digital platform promotes 21st century learning and inspires students with the ultimate learning incentive! • Assign homework and monitor students’ progress. • Provide instant feedback to leaners. • Encourage self-directed learning through captivating challenges and motivating rewards. • Encourage team spirit and collaboration through the clan system. The code is valid for 36 month from activation date.

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