Timesaver - Speaking Activities (pre-interm. - advanced)

Autor: Maggs P.  /  Vydavatel: MG-Timesavers
This new 64-page resource book provides fun and motivating games to practise and encourage speaking skills with young learners. Many of these topic-based activities involve pairwork, and the book includes short role-plays and picture stories. There are 25 photocopiable activities with Teacher´s Notes on the facing pages. The photocopiable pages include spot-the-difference pictures, charts, cut-out game cards and puppets (which act as a trigger for games), puzzles, role-plays, class surveys and story telling activities. Pre-Intermediate/Advanced
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EAN: 9781900702638
Žánr: Angličtina - Kopírovatelné materiály
Edice: Timesaver - Speaking and Listening
Počet stran: 64
Formát: A4
Vazba: kroužková
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Timesaver - Speaking and Listening