Usborne Young 3 - The Story of Islam

Autor: Rob Lloyd Jones  /  Vydavatel: Usborne
Traces the story of Islam from the life and deeds of Mohammad, his successors and the spread of Islam across the globe, and describes the main beliefs and customs, including the Five Pillars of Islam. Illustrated with stunning full-colour photographs and detailed maps and diagrams. Developed in consultation with reading experts from Roehampton University and an expert in Islamic heritage.
Dostupnosť tovaru: Skladom 1 ks
EAN: 9780746077658
Žánr: Angličtina - Cudzojazyčné čítanie
Edice: Usborne - Young Reading Series 3
Počet stran: 61
Formát: 196x130
Vazba: pevná
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Usborne - Young Reading Series 3