Usborne First 3 - The Little Red Hen + CD

Autor: Susanna Davidson  /  Vydavatel: Usborne
The classic story of The Little Red Hen retold with simple text and delightful illustrations. The Little Red Hen works hard all year to grow grains of wheat to make bread. Not one of her friends is willing to help her, so do they deserve the delicious treat at the end? First Reading Level Three titles help beginner readers develop reading stamina and include character sheets or maps and the main story. Part of the Usborne Reading Programme developed with reading experts at the University of Roehampton.
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EAN: 9781409533368
Žánr: Angličtina - Cudzojazyčné čítanie
Edice: Usborne - First Reading Level 3
Počet stran: 48
Formát: 196x130
Vazba: šitá
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Usborne - First Reading Level 3
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